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1st Graders “Rule” Valentine’s Day

on February 12, 2015

Here is a quick spin on a Valentine’s Day Card for classmates.  You Rule!  The traditional craft incorporates a standard ruler.  However, my son needed a smaller valentine that would fit inside the Valentine bags his class made to collect their Valentine cards.   I found some cute little rulers on Amazon (that were actually packaged under Oriental Trading’s name) with animated toppers.  These really captured my imagination.  You need rulers, red card-stock, a craft paper-cutter, an X-acto knife, and, of course, your computer and printer!  The pictures below tell the story.  Also, I threw in a couple of links that inspired my idea.

Other Ideas:

My spin:

search s0053516_sc7 search-1 search-2


Use this template with guide lines justified to the right of the page to facilitate proper positioning for cutting.  (Click on the link above.)  You will remove the right ends of the strips with the lines, as the strips would otherwise be too long.

After cutting out the printed strips, use the X-acto knife to cut a slit on each side of the “You Rule!” message to enable insertion of the ruler.



Have fun!


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